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THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY: "...a terrifying record, all the more so because of the observant intelligence that persisted through life in a man-made hell."

HISTORY: REVIEWS of NEW BOOKS: "Punctuated by an unrelenting emotional urgency, devoid of any contrived posturing, the diary records Sierakowiak's astute observations of ghetto conditions and events; probing reflections on key personalities, such as tyrannical yet skillful ghetto council leader Mordechai Rumkowski, as well as on members of his own family; and the searing physical and emotional pain that he himself endured. As noted in Lawrence Langer's insightful foreword, this diary differs fundamentally from that of Anne Frank, whose musings reveal the interior of her world hidden from the flux and brutality of daily life. Not so this text, which resonates with the raw barbarism of the Lodz ghetto, the first such established by the Nazis in early 1940 and the second largest after Warsaw, which surrounded the young man."

JEWISH EXPONENT: "...observations that are so sharply and skillfully rendered that the work immediately takes its place with the great Holocaust diaries – Anne Frank, Emmanuel Ringelblum, Adam Czerniaków."

NOWY DZIENNIK: "There are books whose reading overshadows and eclipses all other literary materials, canceling them temporarily.  “The Diary of Dawid Sierakowiak,” is one of them."

KIRKUS: "...powerful and authentic portrait of ghetto life and death during the Holocaust."

MIDRASZ: "...Sierakowiak’s notes take up a particular place among the Holocaust testimonies written by very young people or even children...He enters the war as a person with the character and ideas already shaped to a large degree, with stimulating ambition and a defined outlook on the reality. He is about to make conscious and creative contributions to the world."

THE NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS: "What is unforgettable about the diaries is the heartbreaking dedication of a young man to learning, and to a political cause in which he desperately wanted to believe."

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: "...detailed account of a population being methodically ground into dust."

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The Diary of Dawid Sierakowiak